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The Botanist: To wake up in a dream

October 19th, 2015 | by NUSU
The Botanist: To wake up in a dream

Veiled in velvet live music with the constant clink of insatiable long drinks, wrapped in a warm glow of candles, The Botanist seduces all senses with its effortless remembrance of the Belle Époque and bohemian inclinations of 1895.

There is food as well, and a tree house in a tree on the bar in the dome.

There is a magnificent loft cove, perfect for the incurable romantic.

The hidden balcony side street amongst the eaves is paved with stones and lined with small dinky huts.

The Botanist makes you feel happy, more confident. There, you can be yourself.

Go, Live, L’Amour.

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