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The future is now

February 15th, 2016 | by NUSU
The future is now

It is completely undeniable that 2016 is going to be a huge year for gaming. Future trends like Virtual Reality, Esports, and Augmented Reality are finally starting to come to mainstream fruition, and hopefully it’s going to be picked up and utilized in bold new ways.

I personally don’t think much of the Oculus Rift, mainly due to its price point. I think it’s simply too expensive and will push people away because of the so called ‘death of the demo’. Only a select few have tried VR, and banking almost 600 pounds on headgear is a huge amount of money and risk for something that will probably go through many Iterations. Further to that, even if you buy an Oculus Rift, you’re going to need a gaming computer that can run it, which means a 2015+ graphics card, which will probably set you back another fair sum. The HTC Vive is far more interesting to me, mainly because Valve is fronting it as a partner, and that could possibly mean some very interesting new games on the horizon.

 I’m sure at some point one of the faux-ARG’s that Valve has been throwing at us will turn up something interesting.

We know for a fact Valve is developing Left 4 Dead 3, and at the very least thinking about a new Half-Life, and whatever they plan to do with it will most likely be announced in conjunction this year. I’m sure at some point one of the faux-ARG’s that Valve has been throwing at us will turn up something interesting, and although the hype train for me – after 9 aching years – has been totally derailed, it’d be interesting to at least see Valve create something for the next-gen, instead of focusing on sustaining micro-economies in their successful e-sports games.

Beyond that, we’ve got PlayStation VR, which also will be released this year, with a bloody Psychonauts game of all things (colour me interested). This might actually come out on top depending on how the Vive plays its cards (i.e., if it releases without a huge new Valve game). PSVR is accessible, you don’t need a gaming computer for it, and will certainly undercut the incredibly expensive Oculus – I can’t wait for that to rear its head. E3 2016 is another highlight of the year to look forward to, especially for the late nights and no revision, smack bang in the middle of peak exam season. Nintendo needs a complete turnaround strategy, and I think they’re hoping to do it with whatever they release. I personally, would love another GameCube, a console dedicated to quality games with no infringing gimmicks. Motion control is fun in its own right, but Nintendo shouldn’t squander their main franchise by tacking on gimmicks. I’m talking new Metroid Prime, new Mario Sunshine-esque game, new Smash with Sora from KH3. Other games I’d put bets on are a follow up to Red Dead Redemption, Kojima’s new franchise, that cancelled Star Wars game 1313, Sonic Adventure 3, a Jet Set Radio Future remaster from SEGA, Skate 4, and the cult revival of Crash Bandicoot, or at least The Last of Us 2. We are in a full on nostalgic gaming revival, so anything could happen. New Monkey Island? Please?

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