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The Last Panthers

November 9th, 2015 | by NUSU
The Last Panthers

The small screen is no longer seen as a dead-end for film actors. Many film actors have joined TV shows for the last couple of years. Now, some of European finest actors are heading to your screen through Sky Atlantic’s European crime thriller, The Last Panthers. Directed by Johan Renck and written by UK’s writer Jack Thorne, the show was originally an idea by French journalist Jerome Pierrat, inspired by the infamous Balkan jewel thieves, the Pink Panthers.

The new six-part series shows the attempt to retrieve stolen diamond during a heist before exploring the dark side of Europe where gangsters and ‘banksters’ are now in power. Samantha Morton plays British adjustor who is in charge of recovering the diamond, whatever the cost while fellow British actor, John Hunt, plays her boss. One of the most talented and versatile French actors, Tahar Rahim, is also going to be part of the show as the policeman running after the thieves.

If you are curious about the show, you can watch the trailer online since the show has not hit the screen yet. Despite being only a little over a minute, the trailer does its job in selling the show. The trailer shows the intensity of the story and the action looks terrific. It definitely will intrigue you to watch the show once it airs. Another thing that makes the show sounds promising is the list of acclaimed actors working in it. Having two BAFTA-winning and Academy Award nominees in one show sound like a recipe for successful show. Plus, David Bowie is writing the theme song for the show which you can also check online.

Sky Atlantic, Thursday, 9pm

Nathasya Gunawan

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