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Thrifty with fairy

December 14th, 2015 | by NUSU
Thrifty with fairy

Taming static hair

Washing up liquid is a necessity in a student home in order to keep on top of all those dirty plates from last night’s take-away. Washing up liquid does however have its other uses. Using it in your hair does wonders. Simply rub it into your hair as you would with normal shampoo, rinse, and then use your shampoo of choice as normal. This strips your hair of all it’s built up oil and remnants of conditioner and shampoo that stay in your hair even after you wash it out. Not only that it stops your hair from going static, which we all know is super annoying. This is especially needed this time of year with all the wool we’re wearing which just seems to make hair static and out of control. So there you go, who knew that little bottle of liquid you use every day could be so useful in keeping your locks clean and static free.

Cleaning make up brushes

Making the most out of household products is the perfect way to improve your beauty regime. We are always looking for ways to cut corners and make products go further so using everyday items does just the trick. Cleaning your make up brushes is an essential part of your beauty regime as it breaks down the oils and pigments that build up in the hairs. Letting brushes sit with product on them for too long can permanently damage the bristles. Every now and again it’s good to give your beloved brushes a deep clean to rinse out any bacteria.

Washing up liquid is the answer to banishing build up. After pointing the brush down, rinsing the tip in lukewarm water, pour a small amount of your brush cleaner (this is where washing up liquid comes in) into the palm of your hand until a lather is formed: Pour, swirl, rinse, reshape, repeat! Washing up liquid is the way forward to help keep your make up brushes squeaky clean, now you don’t have to just use washing up liquid to clean the dishes, it can double up as brilliant beauty alternative too!

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