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Top 5 Funny Games

February 29th, 2016 | by NUSU
Top 5 Funny Games

Fallout New Vegas

Ah New Vegas. The best Fallout game. And the most hilarious. And the main character doesn’t even talk! New Vegas’ writing is second to none, and the wacky situations you can get into go from laughably charming to bat shit insane. This is a game that has a sex robot called FISTO, a military faction that can be boiled down to a bunch of LARPing roman enthusiasts, and a group of grannies who beat you up with rolling pins. There’s also a pair of charred bodies outside a house in Nipton called Owen and Beru. Too soon.

2. The Secret Of Monkey Island

If I wanted to, this article could simply be games made by Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, but I’ve done my best to sate my inner fanboy and give some alternatives. But you can’t make a list like this and not mention Monkey Island. The point and click adventure hasn’t got much going for it if it’s not funny, let’s be honest. There’s only so much you can do with a load of combining items, so the storytelling and wild humour in these games are what set it apart. You learn how to win a swashbuckling contest with insults, and how to stop an unlawful pirate wedding with a simple bottle of root beer. That’s all that needs saying really, go play it!

3. Dead Island

This feels like an alien addition to this list, but the Dead Rising series have been a source of much laughs for me. Whether it’s the combination of various household goods to create zombie murdering devices (my favourite being the gems + torch = lightsaber) or the psychotic mini-bosses littered across the Willamette mall (one of them has a weaponized shopping cart), there’s something for everyone in Capcom’s blatant commentary on asinine American culture.

2. Portal

Portal will always stick in my mind whenever I think of comedy in games. It’s an amazing feat when you can mar unique, technologically ground breaking gameplay with minute by minute belly laughs. Portal is such a subtle level of humour too that just scratches the surface and gets you laughing when you least expect it. It amazes me still that there are no other visible characters in the game except Glados at the end, which shows that all the team needed was some brilliant voice work and clever writing to make you laugh. A true feat.

1. Psychonauts

Tim Schafer’s mind is an artistic enigma. The way he can inject humour into his worlds is just amazing, and Psychonauts has got to be his Magnum Opus. The game tackles quite serious mental issues, and deals with them in a charming, hysterical and thoughtful way. The characters are all wonderfully unique and each has their own developed backstory, which brings out a lot of humour when they bounce off of each other. You also wave bacon under your nose to make an old man pop out of your ear. Case closed.


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