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Top 5 Low-level Enemies in Gaming

May 9th, 2016 | by NUSU
Top 5 Low-level Enemies in Gaming

1. Koopa Troopa (Super Mario Brothers)

Pathetic enemies come in all shapes and sizes, from Magikarp to animated Mushrooms there’s a place for nearly every game. One mushroom, however, deserves its place on this list more than any. The Goomba. Or does he? See, most people would jump straight to the Goomba as a pathetic enemy, but at least they aren’t cowards. In my opinion, the Koopa Troopa deserves this spot more. The Koopa doesn’t fearlessly charge into battle; instead, he strolls around aimlessly. Plus on top of that, when you defeat them, their shells can be used to take down more of their mates.

2. Zubat (Pokemon)

Okay, so another spot on this list that is in contention. You could easily argue that Magikarp should take this spot. I mean, it’s not like we have anything to worry about, what’s the worst it could do? Splash me? Even then nothing would happen! However, at least our fishy friend evolves into something powerful. The Zubat is probably about the most annoying enemy in Pokemon: not only are they super common, but they always appear when I’m stuck in some annoying cave. Plus, I don’t really care for their evolutions. I mean Golbat, he’s no Gyarados.

3. Blob (Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds)

Until recently, I’d never played Zelda. However, I had heard good things. The Blob was not one of those good things. I don’t think I’ve ever taken damage from one and nor should I have, it literally waits for you to attack it and then… dies! Now, the Buzz Blob, even though easily beatable at least for a while had me wondering how to beat it, as I foolishly swung time after time into its electric field.

4. Ghouls (Fallout 4)

Fallout 4 has some nasty enemies, but Ghouls just aren’t one of them. Not only do they look like a grouchy version of myself on a morning; they just aren’t difficult to kill. They resemble some form of flesh eating zombie, but truth is, I’m more fearful of the game’s mutated insects. Now I’ll admit, Glowing Ones are a little more tricky and as a melee character, a hoard of ghouls might take you by surprise. But in all honesty, they end up being more annoying than challenging.

5. Standard Head Crab Zombies (Half-Life 2)

Ah Half-Life 2, how I devoted many hours to you. But that also means I devoted many hours to your useless Head Crab Zombies. Unable to sprint or really cause much damage, they completely reinforce the way many modern games purposely force players to grind. Half-Life’s base zombies can be smashed apart with the basic crowbar, meaning that they don’t even do the job of draining the players ammo. Which really begs the question, do developers put these mobs in to ease the player into the game? Or so that they can increase the play time without adding anything of actual interest?

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