Travel comparison app launches this week

A North East transport app was launched this week by two Business students from Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Sam John Pearce and Emma Louise Fielding launched the travel app and website after Emma won a competition hosted by Sunderland Software City.

Compare My Travel is a transport comparison platform aimed to provide users with a live feed of the cheapest and quickest methods of travelling to their desired location.

Prior to the official launch of the app, the business has already been featured in Business Quarter, Creative North and the Times.

Sam announced his involvement with the project on 19 March.

The project is the brainchild of Fielding who secured £5,000 in prize money by winning a competition back in December.

After winning the funding rounds, Emma brought on board Sam John Pearce to be involved in marketing the project.

“People can see the quickest or cheapest mode of transport to any destination in the UK”

Sam and Emma expressed their confidentce that they could stand out from their rivals.

Emma said: “Yes, the Trainline and Skyscanner are very successful in what they do, but by comparing 4 modes of transport with our app, people can see the quickest or cheapest mode of transport to any destination within the UK.”

The team also revealed that they have already had interest from investors in the North East.

Sam has been marketing the project and aims to achieve as many downloads as possible.

The aim is to deliver the quickest and cheapest methods of transport when comparing coaches, car, flights and trains to any destination when travelling in the UK.

CompareMyTravel is being produced by Newcastle-based app developer iResources.

“The experience of working with very talented app developers has been a learning curve, from knowing very little about apps to launching your own there is a lot of information to take in,” Emma told Business Quarter.

The idea of the app came after her previous experience being stuck in London Kings Cross late night.

The app displays different travel routes, whether it’s by by driving, taking the train, bus or flights.

Apart from his involvement in Compare My Travel, Sam is also the director at One Ace Digital, a multimedia and digital agency.

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