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What I'm Playing – SUPERHOT

November 16th, 2015 | by NUSU
What I'm Playing – SUPERHOT

Normally, when writing an article or review of a game, I spend my time trying to convince you that the content before you is so good that you should spend your hard earned money on it. Well today, that isn’t the case, because SUPERHOT is currently one hundred percent free.

SUPERHOT was developed in August 2013 as part of a Seven Day First Person Shooter Game Jam. So, why am I trying to convince you to play this over the thousands of other games out there? Well, SUPERHOT isn’t your ordinary first person shooter. I mean sure, you still play from a first person perspective and there’s still all the shooting and dying that happens in ordinary first person shooters, but SUPERHOT comes with a twist: time moves only when you do.

So, most people will have at least heard of The Matrix film trilogy. If you haven’t, then it’s basically two hours of Keanu Reaves beating up infinite copies of Elrond from Lord of the Rings in spectacular slow motion. What less people may know, however, is that The Matrix franchise released a set of games and although they had their positive attributes, none of them really mastered the slow motion aspect of gaming, let alone the slow motion aspect of first person shooting. Although SUPERHOT is not linked in any way to The Matrix franchise, it is probably the first game in which slow motion bullet dodging has been perfected.

Currently, SUPERHOT is in a prototype state, with a full paid game awaiting release. However, the prototype itself already includes an endless mode to the game, in which the aim is to cut through as many enemies as possible, one epic slow motion bullet dodging kill at a time. Enemies are varied as well, from sword-wielding samurai with the ability to deflect bullets at a glance of their blades to the lead-spraying machine gunners. Each different run will be sure to test your true dodging abilities.

Aesthetically, SUPERHOT is simple yet beautiful. Utilising a three colour palette of black, white and red, the game is playful in style, without detracting from the serious nature of FPS. Other stylistic features also help bring the game to life. Enemy bullets leave a trail of red behind them, whilst upon impact, your bullets cause the opposition to shatter into fragments. The prototype version of the game also has an in built mod system. Mods are unlocked the further you get within the game and can help or hinder your next run. For example, some Mods limit your ammo or ability to pick up weapons, whilst others allow you to freely look around without time progressing. What ultimately makes SUPERHOT a must have for me is its attention to detail: every single movement or action causes time to move forward, from pulling the trigger of the gun to its recoil, which may not seem too costly until you begin to realise that every mistake you make also moves time forward. So if you’re in the mood for an FPS with a difference, or if popping enemies in slow motion is up your street, then pick up a copy of SUPERHOT: it’s SUPERGOOD.

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